Respiratory Protection Helps Protect You Against Impurities in the Air

Respiratory Protection Helps Protect You Against Impurities in the Air

Breathing in certain types of chemicals, dust and other odors, occasionally, poses a
lower risk to people, than being exposed to these items for longer periods of time and
more frequently. For some people, even short term exposure can cause allergies or
asthma reactions to occur. This is because their lungs have a lower tolerance for these
types of impurities in the air. For other people, the reactions may not be as fast, but,

Respiratory Protectionover time, the effects can be much worse, as certain types of air-borne materials can cause lung cancer. You can reduce your risks to impurities in the air by wearing the

correct type of respiratory protection.

Respiratory Protection Is a Mandatory Requirement for Specific Jobs

There are specific industries which make it mandatory for their employees to wear
respiratory protection. Exposure without the proper protection can result in both short
term and long term health issues. Such types of jobs include emergency responders,
fire fighters, nursing home aids, doctors, nurses, laboratory scientists and pest
controllers. The exact type of protection required will vary with the types of impurities
found in the air. Some jobs may only require disposable respirators, while others want
their workers to use cartridge respirators, or complete types of ventilation equipment
and air ducting. As an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure you always have
the correct protection available and on hand for your employees.

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