Respiratory Protection Helps Protect You Against Impurities in the Air

Respiratory Protection Helps Protect You Against Impurities in the Air

Breathing in certain types of chemicals, dust and other odors, occasionally, poses a
lower risk to people, than being exposed to these items for longer periods of time and
more frequently. For some people, even short term exposure can cause allergies or
asthma reactions to occur. This is because their lungs have a lower tolerance for these
types of impurities in the air. For other people, the reactions may not be as fast, but,

Respiratory Protectionover time, the effects can be much worse, as certain types of air-borne materials can cause lung cancer. You can reduce your risks to impurities in the air by wearing the

correct type of respiratory protection.

Respiratory Protection Is a Mandatory Requirement for Specific Jobs

There are specific industries which make it mandatory for their employees to wear
respiratory protection. Exposure without the proper protection can result in both short
term and long term health issues. Such types of jobs include emergency responders,
fire fighters, nursing home aids, doctors, nurses, laboratory scientists and pest
controllers. The exact type of protection required will vary with the types of impurities
found in the air. Some jobs may only require disposable respirators, while others want
their workers to use cartridge respirators, or complete types of ventilation equipment
and air ducting. As an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure you always have
the correct protection available and on hand for your employees.

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Battery Power Blind Rivet Gun

Blind Rivet Installation with Battery Power


The freedom of not having to drag around 50lbs of air line and constantly move the compressor or maybe developing carpal tunnel syndrome after installing thousands of rivets by hand clutching down on the rivet gun handle 4 to 8 times before the mandrel breaks has now been solved with a cordless rivet gun. It’s been a long time waiting since the inception of cordless drills, saws, scissors, knives till the rivet gun manufacturers finally came to the realization that a cordless blind rivet gun would be a great addition to the tool box.

Hanging 60 feet in the air installing a gutter or downspout or working on metal ducting to sitting 300 feet out on your dock at the boat yard installing blind rivets has now reached a new height in simplicity. The Cordless Blind Rivet Guns are available with 14.4 Volt Li-ion / 3.0 Ah batteries which provide an exceptionally long life before recharging. Some stores like Blind Rivet Supply offer a second battery for free.

Below, we have listed some of the specs on one of the popular guns:

Marson BT-1 Cordless Rivet Gun

  • Capacity: 3/32″ (2.4 mm) – 3/16″ (4.8 mm) Rivets
  • Stroke Length: 0.79″ (20 mm)
  • Pulling Force: 1,870 lbs (850 kg)
  • Weight: (With Li-Ion Battery Pack) 4.6 lbs (2.1 kg)
  • Battery Pack: 14.4V / Li-ion / 3.0 A.h
  • Recharge Time: Approximately 60 Minutes
  • Tool Accepted: Ni-cad / Ni-MH / Li-ion

The Marson BT-1 Cordless Rivet Gun is ideal for applications ranging from construction, furniture assembly, lighting fixtures, signs, gutter and downspout assembly, boats, trailers, and many more.


With hunting season quickly approaching, visions of tree stands dance in my head. I in my harness secure to the tree and mama at home still taking a nap. Oh well…… ! Safety should not be overlooked at any time especially during hunting season, while sitting up in aHarness - Safety Harness - Tree Stand tree with gun in hand and still half asleep waiting for the sun to peak over the horizon. Regardless of how safe or expensive your recent purchase of a tree stand, you must still tie off with a lanyard secured to a comfortable harness for your safety and the safety of others with you. In choosing the right harness for yourself I suggest reading some reviews be searching for “hunting harness reviews” in Google, Yahoo or MSN; which I found very helpful.

If you already own a safety harness and lanyard, be sure to thoroughly inspect the entire system prior to going out. Examine the webbing for cracks or wear, the D-rings for distortion, cracks, breaks, and rough or sharp edges. Inspect the buckles for any unusual wear, frayed or cut fibers, or broken stitching of the buckle attachments. The lanyards should be inspected in a similar fashion.

Lockout/Tagout Device Uses Around The Home

My kids keep turning up the heat or messing with the air conditioner. We have a gas propane heater at the condo association and need to make sure when it is stored that the gas has been turned off. We need to make sure that the out door faucets our not turned on and left on while we leave on vacation.

In most if no all of these scenarios, tag-out would not be necessary but the same devices would be used to lockout any unintended or malicious use. Ball Valve locks, Circuit Breaker Locks, Gate Valve Locks and Switch Locks come in very handy around the Home, Vacation Home or Condo.

Having the correct locks and proper key control or management are vital in order to make any of these systems work. A rogue key or a lock set that has keys found on other systems could be a problem. Brady or Master Lock have lock systems made specifically for Lockout/Tagout systems.

Cotton Prices Have Major Impact on Work Gloves

Cotton Work GlovesIf you think cotton shirts, dresses, and bedding sheets are now priced out of site, take a look at the price of cotton work gloves which have experienced in many cases up to an 80% increase over the past year and a half. Unlike the leather shortage, which occurred prior to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, partially due to the closure of tanneries due to pollution and the effect it would have on the athletes, cotton prices are largely being effected by the weather. Flooding in Pakistan, one of the largest producers of cotton next to India, destroyed a substantial amount of their cotton harvest. At the same time, China has been trying to replenish their cotton reserves at any price due to the fact that they have experienced record consumption in the past year. has done a great job holding their pricing on work gloves during the leather shortages on their leather palm work gloves to their leather drivers gloves. Now faced with the same issues of price increases from importers and manufacturers they have once again lowered their margins to hold stability in pricing to their customer base.

See Article Posted by Wall Street Journal January 29, 2011 >>  WSJ-Cotton Hoarding

Marson Rivet Gun and Threadsetter Gun Repair Parts

Marson Rivet Gun and Threadsetter Gun Repair Parts

Marson Big Daddy Rivet

Marson Rivet Gun and Threadsetter Gun Repair Parts can be found easily on Tools like the HP-2 rivet gun to many of the models which have been discontinued like the PHT-x Series can be found on this site. Blind Rivet Supply, a division of Global Stores Group has a schematic directory for all tools past and present from Alcoa, Marson or Creative Tool. In the Parts Directory you will find all parts along with current pricing to repair any of the tools supplied by Marson – Alcoa.

For those that are not to familiar with Blind Rivet Guns, we always suggest when purchasing a rivet gun to purchase an additional set of Jaws. The reason for this is that with repetitive use, the Jaws will wear quickly and hamper the pulling and breaking of the mandrel. The cost of a 2nd or 3rd spare set will far out way the waiting time for replacement.

For more details on Marson tools and Accessories, feel free to view or download the Marson Catalog.

Hearing Protection Devices

Hearing Protection Devices  

Ear Plugs - Ear Muffs

It’s not just the thump of that loud car rolling down the street with the boom box blaring; it’s more than likely that repetitive sound or loud constant bang in your place of work that is the real hazard. It has been a constant threat since the industrial revolution began not so many years ago. Too much noise exposure may cause a temporary change in hearing (your ears may feel stuffed up) or a temporary ringing in your ears (tinnitus). In most cases, the ringing in your ears or the pounding headache goes away within a few minutes or hours after leaving the noise. However, repeated exposures to loud noise can lead to permanent, incurable hearing loss or tinnitus. Ear Plugs and Ear Muffs always be used at race tracks, shooting ranges, hunting and in some cases concerts. Ear plugs are also helpful for sleeping, that person next to you that is constantly snoring and swimming.

NIOSH recommends removing hazardous noise from the workplace whenever possible and using hearing protectors in those situations where dangerous noise exposures have not yet been controlled or eliminated.